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No.263 Reprieve:阿克毛患有精神病的证据(一)  

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No.263  Akmal Shaikh患有精神病的证据(一) - 麦烧 - 麦烧历险记

No.263  Reprieve:阿克毛患有精神病的证据(一) - 麦烧 - 麦烧历险记

来自鸦片战争的仇恨、《环球时报》的报道、以及注射死刑的裁决,最终在2010年新年开始的前几天,让人们记住了这个叫Akmal Shaikh的英国人。


无论是《环球时报》的报道,还是凤凰电视台在英国伦敦所做的采访,都没有涉及一个事实的交锋,而这个交锋则决定着Akmal Shaikh是否应该被认定为“毒贩”。

这个交锋就是Akmal Shaikh是否患有精神病,在犯罪过程中是否处于发病阶段。



而根据英国《金融时报》的报道,Akmal Shaikh的家人发表声明称,要求沙伊克证明自己患有精神疾病是“荒唐的;在审判和上诉过程中,中方从未对他的精神状况进行评估,中国也拒绝查看其在英国的病例和资料。



1、摄影师Luis Belmonte Diaz,居住在波兰华沙,拍摄了很多Akmal Shaikh的照片。

When he was in Poland, I was following him for more than a year with my camera.(当他在波兰居住时,我用我的照相机跟踪拍摄了一年。注:这次博客所用的两张照片就是由Luis Belmonte Diaz所拍摄。)

During all the time I was following him he told me a lot of things about his life in the UK, his family there, his family in Poland, and how he arrived, first to Lublin and then to Warsaw.(在我和他相处的那段时间,他告诉我很多关于他在英国的生活,他在英国的家庭,他在波兰的生活,以及他是怎样从卢布林到达华沙的。)

He was living in very stressful circumstances – he seemed stuck in Poland, without money, and without any way of making a living. It seemed clear to me that he was mentally ill. He told me all kinds of crazy things. I was not sure what to believe and what not to believe.(他的生活十分拮据,没有钱,没有任何来意谋生的职业。对我来说,他患有明显的精神类疾病。他告诉我的事情都很疯狂。我不清楚该相信什么,不该相信什么。)

He told me how recorded his song in a local radio studio. He was obsessed with the fact that this song was somehow going to achieve great things.(他告诉我怎样在一个当地的录音室里面录制他的歌,他痴迷地认为,他的歌能取的伟大的成就。)

I still remember the day when I received his last SMS saying he was going to Kyrgyzstan.(我很清楚的记得收到他最后一条短信的那一天,他说,他要去吉尔吉斯斯坦。)

2、Paul Newberry,在波兰生活的英国人,他的声明被交给了中方。

I was probably one of the last people who saw Akmal before he left Poland in August 2007. I met Akmal in spring 2007 when he started hanging around the tent city that protesting nurses had set up outside the Polish Prime Minister's offices in Warsaw. The protest attracted a range of "colourful" characters and he was one of them.(我很有可能是在Akmal离开波兰前,最后见到他的几个人之一,那时是2007年8月。我是在2007年春天见到Akmal的,当时他正参加某个示威活动,这个活动吸引了各种各样的人。)

As I was British, and was with a British friend, Akmal latched onto us. Immediately it was clear that he was mentally ill, although he was a very likeable person, friendly and very open. However, he was clearly suffering from delusions and it seemed to me he was a particularly severe case of manic depressive.(我和另外一位来自英国的朋友成了Akmal说服的对象。很快,我们就意识到,Akmal有精神问题,尽管他看上去是一个很可爱且友好的人。不过,他显然患有妄想症,而且我怀疑,他患有严重的狂躁抑郁症。)

I told him a number of times that he should see a doctor, that he was ill, but he just laughed. Any person would have been offended had he been a normal person not in the middle of a psychosis. Akmal lived in his own fantasy world - it was difficult for us to know what was fantasy and what was reality when he talked. He told us he was living in some kind of centre for refugees or asylum seekers in Warsaw, but I have no idea where that was exactly.(我告诉他很多次,他应该去看医生,他只是报我以微笑。Akmal居住在他自己幻想的世界中,当他向我们描述时,我们很难分清,哪些是真实,哪些是幻想出来的。他告诉我,他住在位于华沙市中心的难民庇护所,但是,我并不知道有这样一个机构。)

He showed us the lyrics to the song "Run Little Rabbit" written on a paper napkin and tried to convince us it would be a hit. For a few weeks he pestered us until finally we agreed to record it with him. I have no idea who paid for the recording studio but I think he used his charm and persistence to persuade the owner to let him record the song. I can't imagine anyone singing worse than he did on that recording and we told him so, but he was on such a high, convinced that he would have a huge hit.(他给我们看了一首写在纸上的歌词,歌的名字叫“快跑,小兔子”,并试图说服我们,这首歌将成为热门的流行歌曲。在用了几个星期的时间缠着我们不放后,我们决定同意和他一起去录音。我不知道,是谁为他支付了录音棚的费用,但是我相信,是他的魅力和毅力最终说服了录音棚老板。我们相信,不会有人比他唱得更糟糕,但是他仍坚持认为,这首歌将变得流行。)

We told him that he was crazy, that it was the worst thing we had ever heard, but he just laughed in our face and repeated that it would be huge. So he had this recording on CD and he started playing it to people in Warsaw. He claimed he'd played it to a DJ in a top nightclub in Warsaw and everyone loved it.(我们告诉他,他疯了,但是他只是对我们笑了笑。他声称,那首歌曲给了华沙著名夜店的DJ,每个人都喜欢。)

Then my friend got a text message from him to say he was going away to Kyrgyzstan (I think it was that country although it could have been another one of those dodgy ex-USSR states bordering China). I think that was the end of August 2007. We never heard of him again.(然后,我的朋友收到了他即将去吉尔吉斯斯坦的短信。)

He had no money but was never desperate for it. He was clearly not desperate enough to smuggle heroin to China. From what I know of him, I would be astounded if he had done that. However, I would not be surprised at all to learn that he thought he was going to record a song that would usher in world peace. That would fit entirely with the pattern of his mental illness.(他没有钱,但是他从来没有因此而绝望,他也没有因为绝望而走私毒品到中国。从我对他的了解来说,如果他真的这样做了,我会感到震惊。但是,如果被告知他去中国只是为了录制一首歌曲,而这首歌曲将拯救世界和平,我也不会感到奇怪。那完全符合我了解的他的精神病思维模式。)

I join his family in urging the Chinese authorities to have him fully evaluated. I also join them in pleading for mercy for Akmal, who I know to be a very, very ill person.(和他的家人一起,我也非常希望中国政府能够对他的精神状况做出全面评价,同样,我也加入到为Akmal求情的团队中,因为他是一个精神病严重的人。)


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