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No.264 Reprieve:阿克毛患有精神病的证据(二)  

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3、Gareth Saunders,一位英国教师和音乐工作者,声明如下:

I met Akmal in Warsaw about two-and-a-half years ago on a protest organised by Polish nurses. He was a very open and positive person despite the fact he was living in poor conditions in a kind of Polish community centre, seemingly homeless.(两年半前,我和阿克毛在一个抗议活动中相识。他是一个非常开朗而乐观的人,尽管事实证明,他的生活状态很糟,看上去无家可归,不得不住在波兰的一个救济中心。)

We met every day throughout the duration of the protest which lasted about three weeks. As I am a musician, he wanted me to help with the recording of his future "international hit" (called ‘Come Little Rabbit’). He organised a studio for free and wanted to practice the song with me and Paul Newberry who played the bass on the song. I was responsible for some of the backing vocals.(在抗议活动持续的三周时间里,我们每天都见面。作为一个搞音乐的人,他想要我帮住他录制一首在未来会成为“国际流行”的歌──来吧,小兔子。他找到了一个免费的录音棚,想要和我以及Paul Newberry一起排练,Paul Newberry负责bass部分,我则负责和声。)

It was clear that Akmal had absolutely no musical talent, no sense of timing and the song itself was dreadful. Throughout the recording he was jumping around in his best imitation of a rock star. We made it clear to him that this was a hopeless song, but he was still adamant that we were being negative and Come Little Rabbit was what the world had been waiting for.(明显的事实是,阿克毛并没有音乐天赋,对节拍也没有感觉,歌曲本身也很糟糕。在录音的过程中,他跳起来尽最大努力模仿一位他喜欢的摇滚歌手。我们很清楚地告诉他,这首歌曲无可救药,但是他坚持认为这首歌正式世界所期待的歌曲。)

He seemed to think it would bring about world peace, or something bizarre like that. Even though this was a crazy idea, Paul and I helped him, as he always meant so well, and he clearly thought this song was going to have a very positive impact on the world.(他似乎认为,这首歌将给世界带来和平,或者其他疯狂的东西。Paul和我一直帮助他,不过他也一直没有放弃原来的想法,这首歌曲将对世界产生积极影响。)

I occasionally met Akmal two weeks subsequent to the nurse's protest (I think in August 2007) once to go go-karting with him and some Irish people who were in Warsaw celebrating a wedding until the early hours of the morning. This was a very sad experience in a way. The Irish were being very cruel to Akmal, making jokes and unkind remarks about him. But he took it all in good spirits, and never complained about it.(大概在2007年8月,示威活动后的两个星期,我再次遇到阿克毛。我和阿克毛去参加一对爱尔兰人的婚礼。那段经历很悲伤。因为那些爱尔兰人对待阿克毛很无礼,对他开玩笑并且说了不敬的话。但是,阿克毛并没有因此而抱怨。)

The final time I saw him was in the subway system in the centre of Warsaw when he mentioned he was going abroad for a couple of weeks. This must have been when he flew to China.(最后一次见到他,是在位于华沙市中心的地铁里,他提到,要去国外两周。那应该就是他去中国的那次。)

Because I was concerned about him, I tried to contact him after by mobile but it appeared he'd disappeared off the radar screen, but I was not successful. I assumed he'd returned to the UK as he'd had problems living in Poland. But now it appears he was on death row in China when I thought he was back in the UK.(因为一直担心他,所以我尝试联系他,但是并没有成功。我假设,他已经返回英国,但是事实上,他则在中国。)

I am not an expert in mental illness, and at the time I was unaware of the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. However, it was very clear that totally delusional. He perpetually thought things were going to work out in ways that had nothing to do with the reality around him. He would think that his grand plans would come about, though it was clear to the rest of us that they would not.(我并不是精神病专家,也对诊断情感障碍的知识一无所知。但是,事实是,阿克毛是妄想症。尽管其他人都认为按照他的计划将一无所获,阿克毛仍认为他的宏伟计划将产生奇迹。)

It would be totally unlike him to get mixed up in drugs. However, it would be totally typical of him to fall for some kind of story that some drug dealer might spin to him concerning making his record in China. Indeed, I remember one time when I met Akmal in a bookshop for a coffee. It was an area of Warsaw where any normal person would know a lot of drug dealers would hang out. But Akmal would be oblivious to that. He would be so desperate for human contact that if some shady character came up to him to talk, Akmal would have gone on and on about his song, and it would have been easy for someone to see that he could be exploited. Anyone could recognize that. I am no expert, and I certainly did.(他完全不像会和毒品有联系的人。不过,他则非常有可能掉进贩毒分子的圈套,只要对方告诉她,要去中国作唱片。事实上,记得有一次,我在一个书店和阿克毛喝咖啡。任何正常的华沙市人都知道,那个书店有很多毒贩。但是,阿克毛会忘记这一点。如果有人和他聊天,阿克毛会不顾一切地继续聊,然后把话题说到他的歌曲上。这让一些人看出,阿克毛是很容易被利用的人。)

I very much hope that the Chinese authorities show clemency to Akmal, as he was a very gentle person, and would not have consciously got involved in the crime for which he apparently stands convicted.(我非常希望中方能够宽大处理阿克毛,他是一个很温柔的人。)

4、阿克毛的家庭医生Martin Harris博士,他已提出应该对他的病人做出全面的精神评价,其声明如下:

Mr Akmal Shaikh date of birth 05 April 1956(阿克毛先生出生于1956年4月5日)

Mr Akmal Shaikh was my registered patient with his family when he lived in London.(当他在伦敦居住的时候,阿克毛和其家人是我负责的病人。)

I do remember Mr Akmal Shaikh although it is several years since I last saw him.(自从我最后一次见到阿克毛已经有一些年头了,但是,我仍然记得他。)

Yesterday 27 December I saw the report on Sky News for the first time that Mr Akmal Shaikh has been detained by Chinese Courts.(昨天,12月27日,我第一次看到了Sky News已经被中国法院宣判的报道。)

I read that Mr Akmal Shaikh has been charged with drug smuggling. In my experience of Mr Akmal Shaikh this is totally out of character of the patient I knew. As his doctor, I am concerned that Mr Akmal Shaikh has since progressive medical and mental conditions.(报道上说,阿克毛已经因为贩卖毒品而获刑。依据之前我和阿克毛的交往和印象来看,这完全出乎了我的意料。作为他的医生,我感到担心,因为他一直有身心健康问题。)

I immediately made contact with The British Foreign Office. I wish to assist Mr Akmal Shaikh in his medical and mental condition, if necessary in China.(我迅速联系了英国外交部,希望能够在身体和精神方面有所帮助,如果中国觉得有必要。)


Reprieve表示,2009年4月,该机构曾申请由当地专家对阿克毛进行精神评价,很快这个要求被允许,但是随即被拒绝。2009年5月,Reprieve为Peter Schaapveld医生支付了费用,让其来到乌鲁木齐以对阿克毛做出精神评价。一开始,中方同意了医生的请求,但是在医生到达后,又拒绝了。自此之后,请求一次次被忽视。在圣诞节那天,中方拒绝了Peter Schaapveld医生的签证,在这位医生再次提出免费为阿克毛作全面的精神评价之后。

The last minute failure to allow a proper medical evaluation followed months of intransigence by the Chinese authorities. Reprieve first asked for an evaluation by a local expert in April 2009, which was initially granted but then refused. Reprieve paid for Dr Peter Schaapveld to fly more than 7000 miles to Urumqi to evaluate Akmal in May 2009. The Chinese had agreed to him meeting with Akmal but then, after his arrival, reneged. Repeated requests since that time went ignored. Chinese authorities refused Dr Schaapveld an entry visa on Christmas Day, when he again offered to come to conduct a full and free evaluation. China could have allowed a full medical evaluation months ago and still concluded the case this year.



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